Hi! My name is Crispin, and I hail from the glorious forests of the Shire, aka northern Oregon.

I am a part time artist, full time computer healer, keeper of labrador retrievers, cantankerous cats, and also a fledging fantasy author. When I'm not hiking with my pup, and exploring the local wilderness trails, I'll spend most of my free time writing. 

And daydreaming. I do a lot of that, too.


I have painted since I was young, but only recently started painting cosmic murals in earnest, mostly as a way to dismantle writer's block, but also because it was a lot of fun! Initially, I kept commissions by word of mouth, but I have been floored and humbled by the responses I received after a few images went viral on the internet.


This website is a current work in progress, and over the next few weeks I will add a larger gallery with more photography of my murals.

I am currently accepting very limited commissions in Oregon and Washington for the months of December and February. Since I have a day job, I am available to paint on the weekends. 

Please keep in mind the specialized paint is not cheap. I use high quality paints for each commission in order to give you something that will last for the ages and maintain charges for stellar glows. Cheap paint is available, although I do not recommend it because it will not hold a light charge very well. 

I take each commission on a case-by-case basis -- in order to understand the size of the room, amount of paint needed, travel and labor time. Labor time can also include time spent on creating/trimming stencils at home before I arrive on site for painting.

Are you interested in sponsoring a child in need? Please let me know!


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